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Krishna Bhajan Mandal was the base of our organization in which we conducted small activities to celebrate Hindu rituals and festivals in Middle Georgia.

Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir Macon Ga. History

Through more and more families getting involved, we became a larger organization and community. To instill good cultural values in the new generation, we continued to improve activities and programs in our community. The realization of growing population helped the organization purchase land in order to create a community center. Our community center has blossomed into one of the premier establishments in the country and brought our community spirit and unity closer.

The closeness of the community helped us establish Shree UmiyaMatajiMandir, KadvaPatidarSamaj in Macon, Georgia in 2003. The temple was inaugurated on June 15, 2003 and was the first established Shree UmiyaMatajiMandir in United States of America. The grand opening of the temple from June 13, 2003 to June 15, 2003 included approximately 5,000 people. As years passed, more and more people were inspired to help the community by donating money and volunteering their time to improve the facility. Throughout the past years, there have been renovations in order to accommodate the needs for the people such as a larger food court. The renovations include playground for children, bigger building for weddings, receptions, cultural programs, etc. The temple also has a gift shop and provides home services for Katha, Havans, Grah Shanti, Vastu Puja, etc.

We are a growing community and need to keep our heritage and culture positive to build on for the forthcoming generations, so that in the future we are a united and strong community proud of our contribution towards society. Our culture, religion and social interactions should be a source of pride and deserve a greater degree of cultivation and development.