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Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir
 Kids Day: Every Friday: Fun Day for Kids Time 5.30 Pm to 9.30 Pm - - Gujarati Class: Every Friday Time 7.30 Pm to 8.00 Pm         Umiya Mataji Mandir facebook address https://www.facebook.com/umiyamatajiusa         Kadva Patel Samaj now have Matrimonial for USA & CANADA. to encourage KP Samaj family take advantage of resources available. Matrimonial is completely free for KP Samaj Macon Ga life member's childrens. Submit your online Matrimonial registration & account will be activated within 2days. we have over 250 Candidate registered from engineers pharmacist to doctors.register & you can search all. Matrimonial is for candidates living in USA & CANADA, other country registration will be deleted with out refund. If your account is not active because Expired & if wish to start using please send message to contact us with Info, your account will be activated at no charge for 1Year        
Trustee member Donor & Pledges ( Committment List )
1 Aarti  Dipakbhai   Patel Byron GA Nardipur
2 Ajitbhai Atmarambhai Patel Macon GA Sarsav
3 Ajitbhai Motiram Patel Perry GA Vadu
4 Alpesh  Bhaktibhai  Patel Douglas GA Jornang
5 Ambalal  Keshavlal Patel  Macon GA Akhaj
6 Ambalal  Laldas Patel Donalsonville GA Rajpur
7 Ambalal Girdharbhai Patel Douglas GA Rajpur
8 Ambalal Pursotamdas Patel Vidalia GA Kotha
9 Ambalal Revidas Patel Adel GA Rajpur
10 Ameeben Manilal Patel Lakeland FL Kargisan
11 Amratbhai Somdas  Patel McDonough GA Motipura
12 Amrutbhai  Gandalal  Patel Perry GA Kotha
13 Amrutbhai  N. Patel St. John MO Rajpur
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