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Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir
 Kids Day: Every Friday: Fun Day for Kids Time 5.30 Pm to 9.30 Pm - - Gujarati Class: Every Friday Time 7.30 Pm to 8.00 Pm         Umiya Mataji Mandir facebook address https://www.facebook.com/umiyamatajiusa         Kadva Patel Samaj now have Matrimonial for USA & CANADA. to encourage KP Samaj family take advantage of resources available. Matrimonial is completely free for KP Samaj Macon Ga life member's childrens. Submit your online Matrimonial registration & account will be activated within 2days. we have over 250 Candidate registered from engineers pharmacist to doctors.register & you can search all. Matrimonial is for candidates living in USA & CANADA, other country registration will be deleted with out refund. If your account is not active because Expired & if wish to start using please send message to contact us with Info, your account will be activated at no charge for 1Year        
             Board  Of  Directors Yr. 2016 - 17       
1 Ambalal (D.K) Patel Macon Akhaj 478-550-1903
2 Amratbhai  J. Patel Macon Jasalpur 478-394-5204
3 Arvindbhai M. Patel Centerville Kharana 478-955-0428
4 Ashishbhai (Sign) Centerville Devusna 478-319-2101
5 Ashwinbhai  N. Patel   Perry Naranpura 478-951-7286
6 Babubhai  P. Patel W. Robins Mokhasan 478-747-9053
7 Bharatbhai  N. Patel  W. Robin Nardipur 478-662-0900
8 Bhupendrabhai V. Patel W. Robins Paliyad 478-320-6515
9 Dasharath  R. Patel Albany Sarsav 229-869-3627
10 Dinesh  L. Patel Dublin Jasalpur 478-290-4282
11 Gunvantbhai S. Patel Macon Nardipur 478-957-7877
12 Haribhai S. Patel Macon Jasalpur 770-855-4364
13 Harshad K.Patel Macon Jaslpur 706-466-3789
14 Hasmukhbhai  A. Patel
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